New blog, new start

I made this blog for showcasing my portfolio and share with you people my passion for ArchViz, photography and sketches. What I do for a living is CG illustrations  (Computer Generated Images) for architectural projects. My main goal is to create an image that represent the idea of the project and help the client to better understand the nature of the concept. Photography is a crucial part of this procedure and sketches are a primitive tool for starting a good image.

In case you are wondering the name Cloud No 9 came from my intention to give a title to what we, the 3d artist community actual doing. We create a whole world, fanstastic stories and most important feelings with our images. And when you make a nice image you feel that you can jump to the clouds. This my cloud(N.9) and I hope you will enjoy the ride!

So thank you for visiting my site and feel free to contact me for any questions you have, I will be glad to help you. I am available for freelance and I will be glad to work with you!

P.S : The site is updating in daily basis, so come back later  for more!